The ‘I” in Insurance Stands for Innovation

Particularly in Technology

Data visualization of statistics on a tablet.

We’re not naïve – we know the image of insurance is often that it’s dull and boring. But we’re determined to share our reality: our industry is actually more challenging and rewarding than most people realize, and innovation is driving some significant change, particularly with regard to technology.

As we already mentioned in a previous career blog, the talents needed in insurance are remarkably diverse. So before you write off the potential of an insurance job, let’s focus in on one of the most important areas where we’re always striving to innovate: technology.

At MJ, we have a specific digital strategy that requires the talents of technophiles and data experts. When we announced Chad Miller as our new Chief Information Officer last year, we emphasized that his new role was to lead MJ into the future by enhancing our overall digital strategy to align with our Purpose of inspiring the success, fulfillment and wellbeing of each person we serve: our associates and their families, business partners, clients, and our community.

To us, that Purpose is not just words on paper. It’s something that drives everything we do. Ultimately, we want to improve every aspect of our interactions with others. We want to build relationships that are effective, convenient and responsive.

Here’s just two examples of innovation in technology that MJ has unveiled:

  • Data Analytics: Our benefits practice is driven by data from multiple secure sources, so our clients are making decisions based on real numbers and actual employee behavior. Our proprietary data analytics and warehousing system helps us easily identify what’s driving costs, so we can provide custom reports to each business we serve. That’s powerful.
  • Risk Analysis: To measure each client’s overall risk profile, we first determine a baseline measure that identifies their historical cost of risk. This is followed by a risk culture assessment, risk mapping and emerging risk identification, as well as strategies for reducing risk in the future. Because of technology, we’re able to do all this based on facts, not guesses.

When considering technology, we understand its power to transform both the client and employee experience, so we’re determined to invest in the people needed to deliver the technological innovation we need. We understand that it’s the people behind the technology that truly matter. Could one of those people be you? We sure hope so.

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