Brand…it’s so much more than a logo.

MJ Insurance re-brand blog feature images.

Brand. Many think it’s just a logo, colors and font, but it’s so much more than that. It’s our corporate identity. It’s who we are. It’s who we aspire to be.

When Michael M. Bill opened MJ Insurance in Anderson, Indiana in 1964, there were just four associates. MJ was small, but powered by a big vision—Be better and do more. That vision has evolved into something even better, which is shared by many and reflected in our new brand.

Today, we’re over 150 employees strong with locations in both Indianapolis and Phoenix. And building off Mr. Bill’s initial vision, we’re still on a mission:  To inspire the success, fulfillment and wellbeing of each person we serve. And to make our clients’ business better, stronger and more successful.

We also believe we’re different than other agencies, offering more than just insurance. Our purpose and our passions are something we talk about frequently and focus on daily. We’re not afraid of change, as long as it leads to improvement. We recently decided MJ was due for a good upgrade to our branding platform and logo. Some may say it’s just a change in color and typeface. We’d say it’s more – it’s a reflection of a newer, better us, with a vision that’s still grand, but also laser sharp: Your Future in Focus.

The new MJ logo has been built to reflect and play off this vision… “Your future in focus.” When you check out the new logo, you’ll notice the “MJ” is enclosed by four corners. Like a frame or a target, this represents our ability to hone in on our areas of expertise. It’s also a subtle nod to the type of four-corner viewfinder you typically see when looking through a camera lens. Just like a good photographer uses a viewfinder as a tool to find focus, we find our focus through detailed planning and research, strong relationships, innovative strategies, and thoughtful analysis.

You’ll also notice a new brand element that we’re introducing to MJ – the plus sign. Our new logo is purposefully designed to be used in a grid, or as a wallpaper of logos. That’s because when the logos are placed together they create a plus sign. And that plus sign is a positive visual that relates to our purpose and core values by emphasizing optimism, commitment and forward thinking – a visual representation of the impact that MJ makes in our communities and the value we bring to YOU—our clients and partners.

Our color palette is bold, but also emphasizes collaboration, fun, innovation, and confidence. Our new colors aren’t overbearing, distracting, or typical for our industry–and we love that they give us plenty of opportunities to stand out in a way that’s uniquely us.

Mr. Bill started with three employees, one small office and a black and white logo. That original entrepreneurial spirit fueled our growth over the years and has allowed us to become the bold, vibrant company we are today. We simply wanted our look to evolve as much as we have and to communicate our modern, global approach.

We’re thrilled with the new look and the energy it reveals. And we’re ready to share even more about how MJ can help you bring your business’ future into focus. We hope you’ll call or visit us to learn more.