Would You Like a Job?

Insurance is Hiring

There will be nearly 400,000 jobs open in the insurance industry by 2020. One of them could be yours today.

If you think insurance isn’t for you, give us the chance to change your mind. We have a great story.

  1. There are many available career paths. Insurance isn’t just about sales (although if that’s your thing, agency producers enjoy tremendous flexibility, an entrepreneurial approach to projects and tremendous salary potential). Agencies also need marketing, analytics, accounting, human resources, IT and more.
  2. You’re wanted! There are many older adults who have spent their entire careers in insurance because it’s a rewarding, stable occupation. However, many of those people are now retiring, which opens space for young adults who are smart, ambitious and looking for opportunity. In fact, our hire rate for qualified candidates hovers around 100 percent. If you want a job, please apply!
  3. There’s opportunity for growth. By 2034, about 50 percent of the current insurance workforce will have retired. That leaves tremendous room for your own advancement.
  4. We’re innovative. Truth be told, insurance lagged a bit behind some other industries with regard to technology, but we’re now fully on-board and driving innovation quickly. It’s an exciting time to be part of all this change, and you can be at the leading edge of many different programs and solutions, whether it’s related to cyber security, green technology, the sharing economy, work-from-home options or other emerging trends. Find your passion and help us make the change!
  5. Your work has purpose. Insurance is one of those things many people give little thought to until they suffer a loss. As part of the insurance industry, you’ll be helping people at times they need it most and protecting the things they hold most important—their businesses, their family’s health and financial security. There’s few things better than helping someone recover from a loss and get back on their feet or knowing you provided the advice and services required to avoid a loss in the first place.
  6. We’re community minded. Like many agencies, MJ is committed to the community. We provide employees time-off for volunteering and we collectively serve over 37 organizations.
  7. You’ll be a valued part of our team. Even our interns get the opportunity to contribute. But don’t take our word for it, just watch this “interning at MJ” video to get a better sense of our approach. You’ll discover that whether you’re an intern or a fulltime MJ associate, we appreciate ideas and input from everyone.

If we’ve peaked your interest with just these initial benefits of working in insurance, we’d love to follow up with you to see if MJ might be the perfect fit for you. Check out the careers and culture page on our website to learn more and once you’re ready, submit an online application to get the hiring process started. We look forward to hearing from you!