It doesn’t matter where you get your start…

Why working hard and striving for growth will get you far.

The day she joined MJ as the commercial lines assistant, Britni Shrout would have likely laughed at any suggestion that she’d one day be named Director of Marketing and Communications. After all, she admits honestly that she didn’t think she’d even stick around six months; MJ was just her ticket out of another job she didn’t like. But that’s the funny thing about careers, you often land where you least expect, especially when you have the talent, personality and moxie that Britni does. She’s no shrinking violet, but that’s just what a successful marketer, who has to single-handedly represent the viewpoint of the customer, needs.

Britni collects her facts, knows her customer and understands how to unify the individual voices of an entire agency behind one cohesive brand message. She brings words and images together to make everyone at MJ look good. Britni’s also the ideal model for one of our 5 passions, Personal Development:

Perpetually strive to become the best version of yourself, both personally and professionally.

By being the best “you,” you not only make yourself happier and more productive, you also positively influence those around you.

So that original six month stint Britni imagined? It’s now turned into more than nine years, during which time she’s been particularly instrumental in our new visual identity, updated website and ongoing digital communication. Looking back on her path to now, Britni maintains that she was “put here for a reason, to grow and develop here.” While we’re honored to have played a role in that growth, MJ is markedly more grateful for how Britni has helped us grow at the same time!