Drive Your Employees to Drink—

Because Having More Water Matters

There’s a remarkably simple cure for much of what ails you – water.  Did you know these facts about H2O?

  • Just one glass of water can eliminate hunger pains.
  • Water aids digestion.
  • Water increases metabolism and controls your appetite.
  • More water a day can ease back and joint pain.
  • The most common cause of daytime fatigue is actually dehydration.
  • Water can prevent and ease headaches.

Water can make such difference that there’s actually an official Drinking Water Week, and this year it is May 6-12. While that may seem a bit silly, consider again the power of water shared in those bullet points above. Can you imagine the personal benefits to your employees — and the productivity gains to your company – if you simply helped your employees have more water each day?

It’s not really a hard sell; most people know water is good for them, but they do need help establishing a new habit. To accomplish this, consider hosting a week-long water challenge during Drinking Water Week.

  • Have employees establish a healthy daily water consumption goal and track progress.
  • Award a raffle ticket for each day they successfully reach their goal.
  • Have a little fun while reminding people to drink more:
    • A “Welcome Back…You Must Be Drinking More Water” sign in the bathroom
    • Play a little music during morning arrival times: Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, Black Water by The Doobie Brothers, Walk on Water by Eminem, Water by Brad Paisley, Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel.
    • Set up fancy water stations with ice water that has lemons, cucumber slices or mint.
  • End the week with an in-office celebration where all participants receive a nice insulated water bottle or tumbler with your corporate logo.
  • Close out the event with the raffle awards: tickets to a water park, a Yeti cooler, boat rental at a local lake, anything that reminds you of water.

It’s time to get ready for a week of positive change! If you’re curious how much water a person should be drinking daily, check out this hydration calculator.  And if you’d like a challenge template to help track employee progress, please contact your MJ Wellness Coordinator.