Finding the Right Fit

Employee Spotlight on Aaron Shields

Current statistics show that the average person will make approximately 5-7 career changes during their working life. That means while trying to find the right fit, about a third of the total work force will change jobs every year, and by the age of 42, an individual may have already sampled 10 different jobs.  That’s an awful lot of moving around…not always a great way to build security, or help positively contribute to an organization.

But we think MJ has the solution. If an employee’s first position isn’t a match, but we’ve found someone who is definitely MJ material – hardworking, dedicated, enthusiastic – we’ll work together to find a different position that better matches talent and interests. After all, we know that our associates are the single biggest reason for our success, so we’re interested in putting out a welcome mat, not a revolving door. It’s also one of the best ways we can demonstrate the third tenet of our 5 passions, Inspiring Leaders:

With passion and commitment, place the interest of others ahead of your own by committing to daily behaviors that positively influence those around you.

Everyone is a valued part of the team—and that means that everyone is a leader in some capacity. A leader is dedicated to making everyone around them the best they can be.

Aaron Shields is the perfect example of why this approach makes so much sense. He came to MJ as a consultant, but the job simply wasn’t right for him. So with our full support, he shifted his focus to specialize in risk analysis and strategy as a newly-formed client executive, and in addition, he’s also become one of MJ’s true cyber experts. Aaron summarizes the encouragement he received by saying, “If you want a place that cares about your purpose being fulfilled, this is the place for you. We have specific training tracks to get you exactly what you want professionally. You will have a voice here right away. People respect your opinions, you have a pipeline to company leadership and it’s a collaborative environment.”

We couldn’t be happier that Aaron stuck around to find his passion at MJ. It’s made all the difference—both to him, and to us.  He’s happier; we’re thrilled; and the clients are reaping the reward of his expertise.