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Meet MJ’s Wellness Coordinator, Shauna Henley

Our wellness coordinator, Shauna Henley, not only counsels others to build a balanced life and take a proactive approach to health and wellness, she practices what she preaches. We knew we’d found a superstar when Shauna first joined MJ as an intern. Since becoming an official hire here, she’s led the development and execution of our population health and wellness offerings. If you want to learn more about the value of wellness, we’ve shared our enthusiasm in several past blogs and webinars:

As impressive as the programs Shauna has developed are, her real talent shines through in how she works. She embodies the FUN piece of our five passions:



Happiness is a choice. Bring your sense of humor and desire to have fun to work with you every day.

The world is a brighter, better place when we don’t take ourselves too seriously—and happiness is not a destination, but a journey.


Here’s the thing: the fact that Shauna takes her own fun seriously is something we think is seriously awesome. Make no mistake, she gets the job done – she’s super smart and delivers what’s promised and more, even willing to take on tasks that aren’t her direct responsibility.

Shauna herself sums up her role at our agency by saying, “The thing that I really like about MJ is the ability to work with many different types of people—both internally with coworkers, and externally with clients. My job isn’t boring. We, as a team, create custom plans for clients and that makes my job interesting and fun every single day. The ability to have these experiences with coworkers and clients allows me to build relationships and bring innovative solutions to the table, and that’s amazing to me.”

To see why we’re so tickled with Shauna’s talent, just check out the Halloween video she spearheaded. It illustrates how great things can happen when you love what you do and where you do it!