Embracing Face Time

Three tips to improve your enrollment meetings

The decisions are made. The deadlines are set. And if you’re lucky, you’re almost through enrollment season. Any chance Open Enrollment meetings are in your immediate future?

Open Enrollment meetings, while historically absent from the list of ‘Most Exciting Things To Do as an Employee,’ are being given a resurgence with the new generation. A recent Adobe poll shows that 55 percent of millennials actually prefer in-person meetings over lengthy or disjointed written communication.

So how does your team leverage this new-found preference to inspire thoughtful enrollment this season?

  1. Keep it simple. Keep it informative. It might be rare that you have the ear of your employees to talk exclusively about their benefits. Plus, if they’re not a recent new hire, it has likely been a while since they were reminded of your company’s benefit offerings. Structure your meeting with a concise agenda, beginning with important changes from last year’s benefits, moving into the current offerings. Finish up with a reminder about all of the employee benefits you offer. Think big like PTO if it applies to everyone you’re speaking to, and don’t forget the fluffy stuff like cell phone discounts, flu shots, Volunteer Hours and ‘bring your pet to work’ day.
  2. Think long term. Alright, you got them here, now what? Don’t waste the entire time with benefit education and neglect what could matter even more to the health of your plan – smart-shopper education. Take a moment to remind your team of the importance of In-Network care. Tell the group about any telemedicine options you offer or free carrier resources. My favorite – ER utilization! “Did you know you could save $580 per visit when you choose Urgent Care over the ER?”
  3. Bask in the glory. Ok, your Open Enrollment meeting might not be the Broadway stage, but it’s a perfect opportunity to showcase the abilities, resources and insight of your team. Consider using the word “we” instead of “leadership” or “the company.” Owning your stake in the benefits process insinuates knowledge and personal passion. Plus it reminds your team that you are, in fact, on the decision team. Take a moment at the beginning and the end to remind folks where they can find this information after the meeting and be sure to reiterate any helpful tools you’re offering.

Need some help advertising? Here’s a helpful playbook to get you to, through and DONE WITH enrollment season.