Enrollment Boot Camp

Are you prepared?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Enrollment Season! Alright, that could be a bit of a stretch, but it will be a wonderful time if you and your team are equipped with the best knowledge and know-how for a successful plan year.

This summer, MJ hosted its second InspireYOU seminar, ‘Enrollment Boot Camp.’ We wanted to focus on key challenges going into fourth quarter so our attendees could leave with a stacked arsenal of tools and tactics to help carry out a successful open enrollment season.

There are only a few certainties when unveiling your benefits offering to an employee population. (1) There will be questions. And (2) there will be misunderstanding. Let’s try to avoid these uncertainties by thinking through how to better engage employees and communicate clearly, effectively and efficiently to your employees. All while gaining a greater understanding of how to be an inspiring leader and champion to your team.

At Enrollment Boot Camp we heard from five subject matter experts during three engaging sessions. First, we heard from Avish Parashar, Motivational Improviser and all around funny guy. He focused on the art of how to improvise, adapt and innovate in an ever-changing world. We all know that most perform well when everything goes right. But the real test is how you react when things go wrong. Avish taught attendees specific techniques to best respond to change and increase innovation in both your organization and your own life.

For our second session, we sat down with three experts in benefits technology—Bob Armour of Jellyvision, Joel Russell of eimagine and Bradley Taylor of PlanSource. We shared some eye-opening statistics on employee engagement, including the increasing cost of turnover and the substantial productivity loss of disengaged employees. We then reviewed digital solutions to help combat these issues while improving open enrollment communication comprehension and increasing employee engagement throughout the year.

Finally, guests heard from author Jason Barnaby, who presented a keynote address on igniting positive action in your team. He shared his perspective on what it takes to become a leader, whether that be a leader of a large company or a leader of a small department. Event attendees enjoyed anecdotes from his book “Fire Starters” and exercises on how to “Find your fire” and “Fan your flame.”

Check out a brief recap of the event below!

MJ Insurance is now a SHRM Recertification Provider! Join us for all of our InspireYOU events to earn SHRM credits and to engage with others, ignite your passion, and get inspired to become the best version of yourself.