It’s Time to Get It Into Gear

Considerations for Choosing ELD Technology

In a prior blog, we shared a general overview of the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ruling that requires most drivers and carriers to convert to Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) by December 18, 2017.  When considering which ELD technology provider might be right for you, here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you understand which technology you’re evaluating. While switching to Automatic On-Board Recording Devices (AOBRD) moves you in the right direction and buys you some time, you’ll still need to transition to ELD by December 16, 2019. Consider saving a step and just convert to ELD now.
  2. Unfortunately, FMCSA doesn’t have a verification process to ensure that devices and software are compliant. However, they do offer a list of registered ELD offerings which the vendors have self-certified as compliant.
  3. Keep in mind that while many of the ELDs included on this list may be part of a Fleet Management System (FMS) or include FMS functions, there is no requirement for this functionality. If you want a program that integrates ELD and FMS, be sure to check.
  4. When evaluating vendors, look beyond just the software. What do they offer related to training and ongoing technical support after implementation? Do they appear flexible and agile enough to respond to any future rule changes or new technology introductions?
  5. Ask to see individual examples of the reporting structure and individual report documentation. Are the generated reports user-friendly?
  6. Does the vendor include well-planned cyber security features? How do they store and protect data?
  7. If possible, run a pilot test with one unit. That will allow you to work out any kinks before taking the new program system wide.
  8. Share the timeline and details about the new ELD process as soon as possible with employees so they aren’t surprised come December. Be sure to emphasize the productivity gains and ease of use. You don’t want them to feel the ELD systems are being put in place because you don’t trust them, but because it will make their jobs easier in the long-run.

Keep an eye on future MJ blogs as well—we’ll share any changes or delays to the ruling that may occur between now and December. As always, if you have any questions related to ELD, don’t hesitate to contact Richard Quigley at 317-805-7500 or