Learning the Lingo

Guidelines to making your benefits communication a lot more engaging

You sit down with your benefits consultant to talk dollars and impact and growth, oh my! Now it’s time to have two conversations. First with your executive team, then with your employee population. How are you going to do it?

In this webinar, we share best-practice advice for communicating important benefits information to those two groups of people. It’s important to hold your benefits consultant accountable for providing you the tools and resources to successfully communicate their recommendations.

First up, you’ll hear from Erich Veigel, a Client Executive for MJ Insurance and expert in speaking the language of the audience. He shares his most valuable tips for appealing to the C-Suite.

Next up, Chris Onorato, product expert at the communication technology company Jellyvision. Chris shares his 9 guidelines to transmitting complex benefits information to your employees.

Learning the Lingo is the first webinar of the 2017 InspireYOU season. We hope you’ll share it with your team and use it as an opportunity to grow your own communication skills within your department.