Communicating benefits to millennials

“We’ve always done it this way.”
“This is what everyone is familiar with.”

We’ve all heard them. Lists of reasons as to why your company is communicating its benefits offering a certain way. But while 86 percent of millennials say their benefits influence their decision to stay with their employer, they’re less engaged with the current means by which companies are communicating them.

Delivering this message with the younger generation is becoming increasingly more important. Right now, 40 percent of working Americans can leave the workforce in the next 3 years. In 2020, half of the American workforce will be of the millennial generation.

Consider adding a solution instead of replacing one. A simple adjustment would be to add a summary sheet. This one pager would detail only need-to-know information about premiums, deductibles, OOPMs, etc. For a generation that’s used to 140 character tweets and emojis substituting full sentences, short and sweet is best.

Look at this as a value-add. The millennial generation is used to being plugged in. Everything is fast, efficient and available at their finger tips. Digital communication removes the need for printing and postage resources. Those are time and dollars saved.

A larger scale digital communication strategy, and one that we advocate for with our clients, is a Benefit Administration solution. This would be an all-in-one benefits platform, containing all communication material, insurance information, payroll details, company messages and more. The convenience of the one stop shop mimics platforms that millennials are used to. This method is completely reliant on internet accessibility, and while we can count on our millennials to have smart phones at the ready, it would be counterproductive to leave out the older generations. Consider providing a company computer in the breakroom for use of the Ben Admin system only.

Finally, consider a face to face open enrollment meeting with your team if you’re not already doing so. Insurance language might sound like a foreign tongue to those just purchasing healthcare options for the first time. Don’t overlook the educational opportunity you can have with your employees. Your millennials are quick to learn and a high-level overview on the state of healthcare and its vocabulary could assure your employees are not confusing a distaste in your benefits offering for a misunderstanding in it.