A Seat at the Table: Session 1

Consultant speaking to crowd

What is the current state of your HR strategy? It’s a pretty loaded question, and one that Camden Delta, a professional services firm, posed to our group of attendees. You’ll see in the video that while the poll showed mixed opinions, the overwhelming answer was…. “Strategy? What strategy?” That answer is the reason MJ created this event. While a working strategy is intended to be comprehensive, efficient and effective, that can mean that it will also be time consuming, expensive and exhausting.

In this session, you’ll hear how our speakers from Camden Delta, Lori Grubs and Katie Jame, expelled that myth by first breaking down the key initiatives that make up a good strategy. Then, together in teams, individually and with the help of our speakers, attendees created the framework of a strategy that might work best for them. Those exercises are included so you can collaborate with your own team.