Phoenix Business Pioneer Innovative Way to Develop Leaders Through trueU

Companies focus on life skills vs. job skills training to inspire and grow leaders within their organizations

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a quest to help employees thrive not only in the workplace, but at home and in the community, Phoenix businesses are investing in a new model of employee development. Five Phoenix businesses have made a commitment to grow their people through membership in trueU, a new non-profit focused on bringing together and helping companies grow their business by growing their people.

“Overall, trueU has been instrumental in helping us enhance our culture and bringing our own employee university to life.”

The Bureau of National Affairs estimates U.S. businesses lose $11 billion annually due to employee turnover, and Gallup recently reported less than one of three employees are engaged at work – costing the nation between $450 and $550 billion each year in lost productivity. Although these challenges impact businesses of all sizes, medium and small businesses are often hit hardest because of the time and resources required to provide a meaningful development program that supports employees at all levels of the organization.

The Better Business Bureau of Greater Arizona, Goodmans Interior Structures, Govig & Associates, MJ Insurance, and YScouts are the first companies in the Phoenix area to become members of the trueU community. trueU provides tools, resources and programs to help employees develop personally and professionally through self-awareness, interpersonal connection and servant leadership.

“With the support of trueU, we decided to focus on job training skills through a different lens: personal life skills. We’re aware of the impact employee engagement and leadership development can have on the bottom line, and we truly believe that doing right by our people is key,” said Todd Govig, CEO of Govig & Associates. “This gives us the opportunity to do both. When you empower and give value to the person in every area of life, you’re creating a culture of leadership-minded and happier employees.”

trueU helps its member organizations develop people using a three-pillar approach: growth, connection and service:

Growth – With access to a company-branded learning portal, employees and their families can take online or instructor-led courses that cover a variety of life skill topics such as goal setting, wellness, financial fitness, and building healthy relationships. Its flagship offering, trueU Leader in Training (LIT) is an intensive six-month program designed to help individuals develop fundamental leadership skills through classroom instruction, collaborative projects, service trips and personal introspection. The first Phoenix-based class of 15 participants graduated in July, with another 20 leaders from various trueU member companies beginning Phoenix’s second program in mid-September.

Connection – During the inaugural convention in March 2016, entire trueU companies and family members are invited to attend a day filled with inspiration and self-improvement, workshops and talks from national speakers, and collaboration with other members. Additionally, trueU offers informal networking/connecting events, a newsletter for employees and their families, and CEO roundtables where member CEOs can meet to share, support, and challenge each other on business philosophies and approaches.

Service – With service to others being the cornerstone of leadership and personal development, businesses are encouraged to assemble teams of coworkers to compete in the national Super Service Challenge. Coworkers serve a nonprofit for a chance to win part of a $1 million prize. The program offers matching funds if a company runs an internal challenge of their own. Businesses can also gather a group of employees for a home build service project, constructing a home for a deserving family in Mexico or the Dominican Republic.

“The experience of building a home for a family in need is unmatched – serving together and putting the message of service first, enhanced our lives and company culture in a very meaningful way,” said Mike Bill, CEO of MJ Insurance, whose leadership attended a home build in Mexico in February of this year. “Overall, trueU has been instrumental in helping us enhance our culture and bringing our own employee university to life.”

Launched in 2014 in Indianapolis, trueU expanded quickly to Phoenix. “We were asked to come here by Phoenix business leaders we knew and respected,” said Kim Graham Lee, executive vice president of trueU. “Phoenix is an impressive market with like-minded, purpose-driven organizations. We plan to build on the current momentum and look forward to reaching more local businesses that will benefit from membership in the trueU community.”

With over 30 companies in its membership base, trueU includes organizations from multiple states and Canada with Indianapolis and Phoenix serving as the two primary market hubs. To learn more about trueU or inquire about becoming a member, visit

About trueU:

Headquartered in Indianapolis, trueU is a membership-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit comprised of companies that are committed to growing their business by growing their people. trueU provides a proven platform of programs, tools, resources, and relationships designed to help your team members become leaders at home, in the community, and at work. Founded in February 2014, trueU is driven by a genuine desire to inspire a greater purpose in business, bringing together like-minded companies and leaders for peer-inspired growth and leadership development opportunities.