Looking for Talent. Come join us in insurance!

Looking to help a student find a great career?  I’m going to put my personal plug in for insurance.  Not only is it an industry I’ve found to be incredibly rewarding-helping businesses and individuals protect their very livelihood-but it has tremendous growth potential.

With today’s employment figures, it’s remarkable to find a field of study with such a positive story.  According to the Griffith Insurance Education Foundation, students earning a degree in risk management and insurance (RMI) or actuarial science enjoy nearly 100 percent placement rates at graduation. Even those with a different degree, from marketing to logistics and human resources to IT, can find a niche in this broad industry.

And the industry is on a definite hiring trajectory. Due mostly to retirement, we’re looking at nearly a 50 percent turnover in the insurance industry workforce within the next 15 years based on a study by St. John University’s School of Risk Management. And McKinsey & Company finds that only 10-15 percent of the industry’s employment needs are currently being met by the nation’s risk management programs. Of course, MJ is always looking for great talent too, so if you know someone interested in our own career opportunities, reach out to us at hr@mjinsurance.com (and let them know you heard about us from this blog!)

So if you or your student are ready to investigate more, a quick visit to the Griffith Foundation site (www.griffithfoundation.org) can get you started. You’ll find specific information on insurance education. Many business schools offer courses in insurance, but the website includes a list of those that offer a specific bachelor’s degree in RMI or actuarial science degrees.  Right here in Indiana you’ve got Ball State, Butler University and Indiana State.  The school closest to our Arizona office?  New Mexico State. And with 40-plus programs nationwide, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

So pass on the news; insurance is a great place to be!