Happy Holidays from MJ Insurance

As we enter into the Holiday Season and wind down another year, I can’t help but sit back and reflect on all of the things that occurred over the past year at MJ Insurance, both in terms of our accomplishments as well as some of our challenges. When thinking about our accomplishments, I think about the significant growth of our business, the personal growth of our associates, the community projects we were involved in that brought so much joy to those in need and a multitude of other significant accomplishments for which I am very proud and grateful.  But there is one accomplishment that I am the most proud of over the past year and that is celebrating our 50th year in business.

As you probably know, statistically speaking, privately-held firms rarely survive beyond the first generation of ownership, let alone the second and third generations.  Founded in 1964, MJ is now well into the second generation of private ownership and well positioned for the third generation.  Over the past year, I’ve been consistently asked about the critical success factors that allowed us to not only overcome the challenge of merely surviving, but thriving over the past 50 years.  While there are many reasons why I think we’ve been successful for a prolonged period (financial discipline, sound business model, etc), the number one success factor is far and away THE PEOPLE.  Every time I answer this question, I always come back to the same answer, it’s all about the PEOPLE!

The People, current and past, that have fully engaged in our purpose at MJ and their families that support and inspire our amazing associates.

The People that we have the honor to work with as our clients

The People that we partner with in business every day who work in the insurance industry and other professional service organizations

The People in our communities and the organizations that they represent who positively impact so many

While having a thriving business comprised of extraordinary people is something that we are very grateful for, we firmly believe that there is more to business than the success of the business entity.  It is what we do with the successful business that fuels us every day.  At MJ, we exist to inspire the success fulfillment and wellbeing of each person we serve.  In doing so, we operate our business with 5 supporting passions (Personal Development, Inspiring Leadership, Exponential Effect, Systems for Success, and Fun).  You see, it’s not enough for us to merely achieve our profitable growth targets, we are only truly successful if we deploy the profitable growth in a way that inspires the success, fulfillment and wellbeing of all of our constituents, who in turn inspire their constituents and so on! While we haven’t articulated our purpose as clearly as we do today, it has been at the core of who we are from the onset.  Our founder, Michael M Bill, said numerous times over the course of the past year while thinking about what MJ has become since he opened the doors at the age of 27, “I’m just amazed by how many families we’ve been able to positively impact over 50 years.”  In other words, it’s ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE.

So, during this season of giving, I encourage all business owners to think about what it is that you are really giving to your associates.  Are you merely giving them a paycheck? If so, I challenge you to go beyond that and provide them with a life-long gift like Michael M Bill has given all of us that will continue giving to others for generations to come.

On behalf of the entire MJ Family we wish all of you a very Happy Holiday Season.