Please join us in support of Dayspring Center Family Homeless Shelter

Those of you who have read our past blogs and understand MJ’s Purpose know that we exist to inspire the success, fulfillment and wellbeing of each person we serve.  You have also heard us mention the 5 Supporting Passions of our Purpose, one of which is Exponential Effect – engaging with others in ways that will ignite their passion and inspire them to act and influence others in a similar fashion. This post is a deviation from typical blogs, as this one is asking for you to engage in this Passion with us and help us support a non-profit that is very important to us, but more important to many local children and families that are facing the possibility of their lives being severely impacted.  Dayspring Center provides emergency shelter, clothing, and three nourishing meals a day for homeless families with children in central Indiana. The associates of MJ have formally supported Dayspring in a multitude of ways over the last several years. We have experienced, first hand, the joy and appreciation on the faces of young children and their parents when we have provided them with some of life’s basics like serving them food, buying the children shoes, providing social activities to cheer them up, etc. The Dayspring residents have become family to us and we care deeply for each and every one of them and do what we can to support this organization.  As you will see in the video below, Dayspring Center is facing a crisis due in large part to the private funding/donations they rely on to operate the facility have decreased to a point they must consider eliminating programs and even closing the facility.

We ask that you help us support the efforts of Dayspring to bring much needed services to the homeless families of Indianapolis.  There is a very simple way you can help us and that is by voting for the MJ project we’ve submitted in the Super Service Challenge.   By doing so, you are potentially helping us raise as much as $50,000 for Dayspring Center. If you prefer to make an online donation to the organization you may do so here. This will go a long way to impact numerous lives and assist them in getting back on their feet permanently, thereby creating an Exponential Effect on our community!