MJ Insurance Launches Private Exchange

We are happy to announce the launch of the MJ Private Exchange, available in both the Indianapolis and Phoenix markets. UnitedHealthcare, Anthem and Aetna, along with a host of other medical and ancillary carriers have partnered with the MJ Private Exchange in order to bring our clients the utmost flexibility and employee benefit options.

Our exchange is an ideal solution for middle-market employers and employees alike. Key advantages include:

  • The ability to choose a defined contribution or defined benefits plan
  • A prepackaged set of medical and ancillary benefits for employers and their employees
  • Support for Affordable Care Act record-keeping responsibilities
  • Business data integration that enhances the benefit administration experience
  • Flexible decision support tools that make employee choice easier

This critically-needed program gives employers and employees the flexibility to design and choose a benefits plan that works for them. The MJ Private Exchange offers multiple options including flexible plans for specific needs, traditional co-pay plans, health savings accounts (HSAs), higher deductible and lower cost plans. The MJ Private Exchange is truly a win-win and simple solution for both employers and employees. Check out our healthcare reform site for more information and to view our video on the MJ Private Exchange.