MJ Insurance Launches Program for Employee Personal and Professional Growth

INDIANAPOLIS (April 2, 2014) – MJ Insurance, a leading property-casualty and employee benefits agency, has launched MJ YOUniversity, an employee development program that focuses on both personal and professional growth. To further expand educational resources to its employees, MJ has also partnered with trueU, a new nonprofit organization that aims to inspire a greater purpose in business.

As MJ Insurance celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2014, the company is focused on providing an integrated approach to self-development, recognizing that individuals who perform well outside the workplace will, in turn, perform well inside the workplace. MJ YOUniversity is founded on five passions:  personal development, systems for success, inspiring leaders, exponential effect and FUN!

“We believe our people are the key to our continued business growth and we recognize the importance of investing in them,” said Jon Loftin, president and chief operating officer at MJ Insurance. “Through the workshops offered through MJ YOUniversity as well as the resources we have available through trueU, we are able to provide our employees with a variety of impactful learning opportunities and life changing experiences.”

Classes offered to MJ Insurance employees include everything from developing healthy relationships, health and wellbeing and financial management to leadership and best business practices. The classes are offered through a variety of courses and workshops and can be taken online or onsite.

Besides the classes, the initiative also gives employees access to the “MJ YOUniversity Resource Center” complete with books on leadership, business practices, personal development and management philosophies.

In addition, through its membership in trueU MJ employees are able to extend the passion for self-improvement and tailor it to the needs of MJ team members. Lunch & Learn sessions also stress the importance of having a good work-life balance and the necessity for constant learning.

“We’re proud to have MJ Insurance on board as one of trueU’s first members,” said Kim Graham Lee, trueU vice president of operations. “With a shared focus on developing people into leaders, it’s a perfect fit for MJ’s culture as they continue to grow their agency.”

MJ Insurance has always supported and valued its employees, with more than 50 percent of its staff having been there for decades and is regularly named one of the “best places to work” in both Indiana and Arizona. As the company moves toward its next golden anniversary, it’s important that they not only continue their guiding philosophy of professionalism, honesty and integrity, but also focus on the self-development of each employee and lay the foundation for the next generation of leaders at the agency.

“I feel very fortunate to work in an environment that truly cultivates growth among all associates,” said Sarah Hanson, claims coordinator at MJ Insurance. “MJ’s purpose is to inspire the success, fulfillment and wellbeing of each person it serves. As an MJ employee, I can say that is 100 percent true. We are given the time and resources to focus on our own personal development as well as professional development. It is evident that this is a cause that MJ feels very passionate about and encompasses everything we do.”

For more information about MJ Insurance, visit mjinsurance.com.


Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014, Indianapolis-based MJ Insurance exists to inspire the success, fulfillment and well being of each person it serves. Today, MJ Insurance is a leading property-casualty and risk management agency specializing in various commercial sectors: construction, manufacturing, sororities, coal mining, transportation as well as a complete suite of comprehensive employee benefit programs and services. Fifty years after its founding, MJ Insurance continues to expand through growth, service and leadership. Additional information may be found at www.mjinsurance.com.


Indianapolis-based trueU, founded in 2014, is a nonprofit membership-based organization that operates on the principle that businesses and organizations grow through the efforts of their people. It is a consortium of companies and individuals who believe that investing in relationships, developing leaders, and serving others is the healthy way to grow a business. Members are involved both as students and teachers, sharing learning content and experiences to benefit other trueU members and their teams. Together trueU members are inspiring a greater purpose in business. To learn more, visit www.trueU.com.


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