Welcome to MJ Insight!

We look forward to a real conversation

Formal dinner or casual gathering? Most people I know prefer the relaxed atmosphere and easy conversations found during a backyard barbecue.  No one’s out to boast about their own accomplishments or jump over another individual’s story just to prove a point.  And often, the best conversations result when we meander from one topic to another-you know, the times you pause and wonder aloud, “How in the world did we end up talking about that?!”

So, MJ will get the ball rolling. We’ll put some “insights” out there in hopes you might have something to add. Topics we plan to touch on include risk management, employee benefits, finance, leadership, health and wellness. We suspect the best topics will come about because someone adds a specific comment or points to a new trend that others can learn from as well.

If MJ Insight remains one-sided, it’ll never develop into the conversation we intended. So please join in, add your comments; feel free to challenge; and always ask questions. We may all be surprised where the conversation leads!