On-Site Health Care Clinics Gain in Popularity

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (November 8, 2010) – MJ Insurance, one of the largest privately-held insurance agencies in the U.S., continues to help its clients develop on-site medical health care clinics – a national trend that increases employee health and wellness, saving companies millions in annual health care costs.

MJ Insurance, a leader in proven employee benefits solutions, has seven on-site health care clinics throughout Indiana. From large school systems consolidating their health care needs with a large free-standing clinic, to large manufacturing employers with on-site medical clinics, MJ has worked with an interesting assortment of companies to better the health and wellness of thousands of employees.

There are several reasons driving this trend. Rising health care insurance premiums have employees and employers seeking ways to reduce health care costs. By offering convenient, on-site health care, employees are more apt to seek out regular wellness checks and routine screenings. In addition, medical inflation continues to impact businesses hard as costs rise 7 to 8 percent each year.

“Company leaders are frustrated with the continuing increases in health care costs,” said Joe Perkins, an employee benefits advisor and broker for Indianapolis-based MJ Insurance. “Smart employers are investing in their own clinic and controlling the destiny of their costs and the health care needs of their employees.”

Businesses that utilize on-site health clinics are finding it not only helps to reduce health care costs and improve employee health, but it also works to increase employee retention and serves as a proven recruitment tool. Employees and their dependents can also seek medical care conveniently and miss minimal work while doing so. Everything from simple flu shots, blood tests, prescriptions and routine medical care are available at on-site health clinics.

MJ Insurance most recently worked with Indianapolis-based Interactive Intelligence who opened an on-site clinic in early September. Other Indiana companies who MJ has worked with to establish on-site health clinics include Draper Inc. and Ryobi Die Casting among others. Perkins notes that small to mid-sized manufacturers can save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in emergency room claims alone by having an on-site health clinic. “It’s great for employees and businesses alike,” he said. “It’s a win-win.”

Perkins sees the on-site health clinic movement continuing to grow. Many companies and employee benefit clients of MJ Insurance have expressed interest in having a clinic. The concept is practical for companies with employees ranging from 300 to in the thousands.

About MJ Insurance

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