MJ Insurance, Inc. Launches New Website as Part of Corporate Communications Initiative

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – (June 13, 2006) – MJ Insurance, Inc. together with Haverstick Consulting, publicly unveils its new website on June 17, 2006. The launch of the website, www.mjinsurance.com, also marks the completion of MJ Insurance’s first project in their Corporate Communications initiative.

Development of the Corporate Communications Plan and new website, which were four months in the works, consisted of market research, customer surveying, analysis of provided services, and development of corporate identity, strategic marketing plans and a company Mission Statement. All components of a larger effort to create a brand that would distinguish MJ Insurance, Inc. in the market and in the community. In its entirety, MJ’s Corporate Communications Plan will result in not only a new website, but also new internal communications vehicles, marketing literature, and increased public relations and media involvement.

“Within the private sector, MJ has earned high recognition and rankings as being a historical leader in the insurance industry,” says Colin MacNab, Vice President, MJ Insurance, Inc., “Even thgouh we have experienced continual growth, we feel that there are still untapped opportunities in the area of public relations and communications. This effort focuses on concrete methods by which can harness our existing strengths and better convey them to the public.”

In support of this initiative, MJ Insurance has hired Kerri Pinger as Director of Corporate Communications. Kerry will coordinate marketing and public relations efforts as well as work with partners, clients, and the media to increase and maintain MJ communications.

The website itself is the core of MJ Insurance’s Corporate Communications initiative and was designed to serve as an information source for clients and prospective clients, provide a means for client online services, and to reinforce MJ’s brand identity.

“Our goal with the website was to create an information tool that was fresh, relevant, and useful,” stated Cindy Stellhorn, Vice President and head of the website committee, “We are confident that the website will give an accurate and clear picture of the breadth of our clients services.”


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