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Risk Management. Commercial Insurance. Employee Benefits. HR Consulting.

Since 1964, MJ Insurance has grown to become one of the top 100 ranked insurance agencies in the United States. We've accomplished this by counseling our clients on ways to mitigate risk and providing comprehensive, tailored solutions that lessen their exposure to loss, all with one focus of helping them achieve their business and personal goals.

We value relationships because without them we can't do what we do. In fact, it's the trust, loyalty and integrity - the bonds we build with our clients, as well as within our organization and industry - that define us as a company.

Why MJ?

Responsive, innovative and committed, we use our strengths to your advantage. We take the time to understand the unique challenges and finer nuances of our clients' businesses. Additionally, we offer specialized knowledge, industry expertise, competitive pricing, unparalleled service and access to the best carriers in the industry.

Partnering & Consulting

As the marketplace changes so must businesses. Which is why you need solutions, not just products. Solutions allow for contingencies. Products don't. Which is why we monitor, assess, measure, guide and provide insight - all with the goal of helping your business mitigate risk, lessen exposure to loss and manage human resource needs. Just as many of our clients consider us an extension of their business, we strive to be more than your broker - we work with you as a partner.

Proactive & Passionate

We don't rest until we've found the right solution for your business. Always 100% committed and passionate, our team will be your strongest advocate for your risk management, insurance, employee benefit and human resource matters.


Whether it's an advanced technology tool or a groundbreaking risk management solution, we consistently provide creative methods of transferring risks, communicating information to our clients and developing service enhancements to bring new approaches to our business partnerships.

Recent Blog Posts

MJ Insurance Launches MJ YOUniversity

April 09, 2014

We are happy to announce the launch of MJ YOUniversity, our employee development program dedicated to personal and professional growth, as well as our partnership with trueU, a new nonprofit organization aiming to inspire a greater purpose in business.  Read More

Beyond the Numbers: The Power of WHY

March 26, 2014

y = 16. Each night I work with my 11 year-old daughter on her 5th grade math homework as she tackles the basics of algebra.  The problem above was in a recent assignment, and she asked me if she had the correct answer for the "power of y." The way she said that moved my mind from math to thinking about the "power of WHY."  Read More

It Pays to Keep the Good Ones

March 05, 2014

An employee with an annual salary of $75,000 just walked out the door.  They may as well have taken a briefcase of cash with them.  Read More

When You're Not You: Keeping your identity private

February 19, 2014

Funny, she looks nothing like you.  Doesn't matter, she still managed to open an account, rent an apartment and get a new credit card in your name.  Read More

Getting 100%: A healthy approach to presenteeism

February 05, 2014

Given the considerable cost of presenteeism (when employees come to work but aren't at 100% given illness or distraction from stressful issues outside work), what's a business to do?  Read More

Don't bother coming in to work...Really. Why it's sometimes better to have employees stay at home

January 22, 2014

What's more valuable, an employee home in bed or one sitting in the office?  The answer isn't quite as obvious as it seems.  Read More

Congrats to Dayspring Center and AZ Call A Teen Youth Resources!

January 10, 2014

Congratulations to Dayspring Center Family Homeless Shelter and AZ Call A Teen Youth Resources for winning $1,000 through CWAM's Super Service Challenge!  Read More

The Risk Above

January 08, 2014

A bitter cold snap can affect any part of the country, and when one hits, - similar to the one we've recently experienced - it's no time to hibernate.  Read More

Christmas - A Better Time to Give than Receive

December 23, 2013

While returning home from a business trip on the Friday before Christmas, I read two quotes on Twitter that caught my eye. The first one read, "There are three stages of a man's life...  Read More

Be Prepared: Knowledge is power

December 11, 2013

Perhaps you were a scout, or your child is one now. Even if you've never been exposed to scouting, you likely recognize its motto:  Be Prepared  Read More

Help us win $1,000,000 for Dayspring Center and AZ Call A Teen Youth Resources

December 06, 2013

Companies With A Mission is giving away $1,000,000 to charities with the "Super Service Challenge." Please VOTE so we can help win funds for Dayspring Center and AZ Call A Teen Youth Resources!!  Read More

Come Support Dayspring Center Family Homeless Shelter

December 02, 2013

Visit Scotty's Brewhouse and THR3E WiseMen Brewing Co. on December 3rd where 10% of proceeds will go to Dayspring Center  Read More


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