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MJ Insurance exists to inspire the success, fulfillment, and wellbeing of each person we serve: our associates and their families, business partners, clients, and our community. We make the organizations we work with better, smarter, and more efficient. And we’re changing the way people think about insurance—always raising the bar about what you should expect from your insurance and risk management agency.

It’s all about PERSPECTIVE

+-*About 5 years ago I traveled out west, strapped a pair of sticks to my feet, and recklessly charged down what seemed like the steepest part of the Colorado Rockies. In full transparency, it was a green trail (beginner) that was used mostly by 5-year-old kids who were making their first attempts at skiing, but... Continue reading.

Rating Preparedness

+-*Families moving to a new community typically check the local school system ratings. But businesses considering a new location may want to look into community ratings from the ISO, an independent organization that serves insurance companies, fire departments, insurance regulators and others. Specifically, the ISO’s Public Protection Classification (PPC) program evaluates the fire-protection services of... Continue reading.

MJ Insurance’s Gift to Budding Insurance Professionals

+-*It’s no secret the insurance world will soon be rocked by the flood of individuals hitting their blissful golden years of retirement – 25 percent of the insurance industry is on track to retire by 2018. It’s also common knowledge that today’s young people haven’t exactly jumped at the chance to fill these professional voids.... Continue reading.
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